About the album “Kan Zaman”:

“The performance on this album – both instrumentally and vocally – is of very high level. Highly recommended!”
Mixed World Music Magazine, April 2016, by Ton Maas

“The music on ‘Kan Zaman’ comes from the heart, from countries where music is close to the people. Where people sing songs to each other; on the street or in the café. This normal and organic way of making music is well understood by Göksel Yilmaz as we can hear on ‘Kan Zaman’!”, April 2016, by Mattie Poels

“The ensemble takes the Arabic songs as they were, and gives them its own contemporary but nostalgic twist. It’s a nice pleading to sing together.”
Vrije Geluiden, April 2016, by Charlie Crooijmans

“Sublime music that gets even more beautiful and more beautiful. Melancholic, lyrical, beautiful, beautiful.”
Moors Magazine, by Holly Moors

“And again he has with his ensemble managed to deliver a charming, approachable and honest album.”
New Folk Sounds, May 2016, by Marius Roeting

About  the dance show SILK:

“The uplifting music of the Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble turns this dance show to something magical.”
Theaterkrant, 4 stars, 12 January 2014

“Despite their literal place in the background they lift the piece to a higher level.”
Cultuurbewust, 4 stars, 30 January 2014

“Singer Yilmaz excites his musicians into unmatched expression of percussion, guitar, double bass and violin”
Theaterkrant, 4 stars-K. Freriks, 21 December 2013

“The music, written by Yilmaz, inspires extremely and sometimes reminiscent of the music of the French double bass player and composer Renaud Garcia Fons.”
Het Noord Hollands Dagblad-Nanska van de Laar, 21 november 2013

“The singing of Göksel Yilmaz is pleasing to the ear”
Trouw-Sander Hiskemuller, November 2013

About “Gezgin”:

“Beautiful, serene music”
Radio 6-Mattie Poels, 2 february 2012

“Yilmaz’ dreamy sounds carry you to the middle east”
Fret Magazine-Rosanne de Boer, march/april 2012

“It’s a fine piece of chambermusic with a strong Arabo-Turkish component”
Mixed World Music Magazine, march 2012

“A more impressive debut album is unthinkable”
Jazzenzo jazz magazine, 31 july 2012

About the Music Meeting performance:

“With his ensemble Göksel Yılmaz offered a pleasant and intimate moment in the festival turbulence.”
(About their performance at the Music Meeting in Nijmegen)
de Volkskrant, 30 may 2007

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